Our Story

From France to Nashville with Love

Our Story

From France to Nashville with Love

The Legend of the Gargoyle

The Gargoyles story is about more than French home decor. It goes back in time to the 7th century, when according to legend, a priest defeated a dragon from the Seine river near Rouen with the power of the cross. The dragon was burned at the stake but its head was preserved and placed on the famous Rouen cathedral to protect the structure from the rain. The main purpose of the gargoyle for medieval man was to teach the presence of evil and the need for vigilance in their everyday life. The second purpose is that these beasts, once breathing floods of destruction in the village, now serve as a form of protection from the water for the church and the villagers. Learn more about the legend of the Gargoyle.

The Real French Connection

The story travels forward to North America in the 16th century when French traders settled ibend in the Cumberland River. The area, once called French Lick, is now known as Nashville, Tennessee. It’s these stories that make the true French connection.

Meet the Pennekamps

Robert was born and raised in Europe. Visits to see his family, together with wife Carolyn, turned into treasure hunts thanks to her enthusiasm and artistic eye.  She started a treasure trove of home décor, art, and porcelain in the attic of an ancient family home.

When she located hand-made 17th-century tiles for their new kitchen in the U.S., as well as a nice butcher block, it became clear that it would take a cargo container to transport her finds to the U.S.   And it became Carolyn’s challenge to make sure the container would have no empty space. She was able to fill every inch of it with beautiful furniture, antiques, art, architectural salvage, rustic farmhouse items and so much more.

Can't Make it to France?

Come visit the Pennekamps at their home décor shop in Mount Juliet, convenient to Nashville, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Franklin, and surrounding areas. Robert and Carolyn will help you find a treasure of your own. If we don't have it in stock, we will locate it for you in France.

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